Coins Cheats Striker Soccer 2 for iPhone

In striker soccer 2 game, you will need to participate in competition mode where you can select a team and proceed to the field for match.

striker soccer 2 tips

And every time you shoot the ball to the net it will come to a victory that will also net you more cash
Once collecting enough cash, you can use it to purchase boosts for having a higher chance of scoring or defending of the players.

Meanwhile, in the competition mode, you can challenge a number of players worldwide, and compete in matches to earn more coins.

Moreover, you will compete with over 300 teams spreading in many leagues including Chinese, Liga Espanola, the English League.

Every of those leagues has several teams which you can take on and if you can beat one league, you can get the rewards and move right on to the next level.

With coins you have collected from the game, you can have two different speed upgrade levels to provide your player a boost like the 25% boost costs 200 coins, while the 50% boost costs 375 coins.
On the other side, you can also buy new top players such as Cristiano Romualdo and Leo Nessi

Similar with the speed boosts, you can add a 25% and a 50% boost to your players stamina levels which help them go further for longer.

Furthermore, you can improve your player control such as 25% boost for 200 coins that gives you a much lower chance of losing the ball to an opponent, while the 50% boost for 375 coins to make your player much more adapt at handling the ball during the match.

Entering the challenge section of the game will task you with completing certain objectives like making a goal to move to the next level.

Playing in Kids Friendly games will make you less aggressive when stealing the ball or blocking your shots but you can make more sliding tackles, without getting a yellow card from the referee.

And playing in the friendly match mode will allow you to collect a choice of three random cards in that once you make your choice, the card will show what kind of prize you won after having through the match.
Such rewards will be like a boost that you can use for your next match, or extra money that you can add to your pot.

With those boosts system, you can improve your player’s shooting and improve your defensive skills
In accordance with the defensive skills, spending some of your coins on your shoe or boot for 25%/50% boosts will make you better at both defender interception, and goalkeeper shot-stopping in which you can also gather more rewards for having this boost.

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