How to Gain High Points Score in Super Ball Batting for iPhone

In super ball batting game, you are tasked to get high score throughout the game
For such reasons, you must keep playing in which you will get a better score and beat the scores of your friends.

super ball batting guides

In line with this, you have to practice a lot so that you will get better and better and get to a point where you will constantly get past 20 points, then 30 and more.
Remember that focusing before swinging is important when you play this game

Later on this game, you will come to time where you have to swing the bat
At this point, it will be better to wait a bit longer before you tap the screen instead of tapping too early during the game play.

Doing any tap later will give you a better chance at hitting the ball.
However, if you tap too soon and you feel it, you can try to quickly tap again
At the same time, you will be able to swing again whereby it will hopefully give you a chance to catch the ball on your second try.

Along the game, if you try to look after the balls that you hit and those that are incoming, you will not be able to get anything out of this game.
In accordance with this line, you must choose an area that is close to the batter so that you can use your peripheral vision to notice incoming balls.
And if they get close enough, just tap the screen and repeat that action.

In addition, you will later get to a moment where you will meet some bombs in this game
When being in this moment, you will notice series of three or four bombs will follow and they will kind of break the momentum for you and hitting the balls afterwards will be a bit more difficult though.

Therefore, all you will have to do is not to hit the bomb but just focus a lot when they are coming
On the other side, if you can follow all above protocols, you will get closer to be on a top score in this game

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