Super Cards Bucks Cheats for Bingo Hearts Valentine Day iPhone

In bingo hearts game, you must earn bingo bucks for free by completing any objection
In accordance with this, all you will need to do is to sign in using your Facebook account in order to score free Bingo Bucks.

Bingo Hearts Valentine Day

Meanwhile you will also get an additional four Bingo Bucks for every Facebook friend you invite.
But you have to make sure they have to log-in via Facebook when playing this game.

Collecting daily bonus will be the easiest way to score some extra Bingo Bucks.
You can tap advertisement that may pop up on the screen to collect more free bingo bucks.

In bucks just drop Bingo Buck cells on your bingo card and daub them to collect bingo bucks for free.
Send your friends three gifts daily, including Bingo Bucks to get five gifts as a reward.

Bingo cards are more expensive, relying on the room you have unlocked.
Play this game daily to level up so you will have more chances of getting bingo cards freely

By having higher experience and level you can unlock new rooms and rare Super Cards that let you claim multiple bingos at one time.
And Super Cards will be available once you reach level eight.

Completing some object items such as sandals, sunglasses, butterflies, etc when playing bingo and the slot machine will allow you to win prizes including cards.

Simply tap the All Collections button on the top right corner of the screen in main menu to see the full list and rewards.
Buying multiple cards when playing this game will increase the odds in your favor.

You have to buy power-ups with coins in order to play slot machine and getting daubing three numbers per one power-up at a time.
So try to collect many coins to buy more power ups

Playing the slot machine will give you a chance to win collectibles, coins and other goodies.
In coins just drop coin cells on your bingo card and daub them to collect coins freely.
In gems just drop gem cells on your bingo card and daub them to collect gems for free.

Free Cell means to drop free cell on your bingo card and they will count towards the current bingo pattern needed to claim bingo.
Instant Bingo means to drop instant bingo cell on your bingo card and daub these to claim an instant bingo that is only one use per round.
Collectibles means to drop collectible items on your bingo card. Then complete the collections for the room to claim some bonus rewards.

Bomb Cell means to drop bombs on cells, and when daubed explodes get one or more new power-ups.
Double Bucks means to drop two buck cells every time in order to increase your chances of collecting free Bingo Bucks.

Double Cells means to drop two free cells every time to give you more free cells.
2X Instant Bingo means to drop two instant bingos at one time in order to double your chance of getting Bingo.

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