How to Get Super Extra Coins in Run Sheldon iPhone

In run sheldon game, you have to help, jump and swim across different environments and obstacles in his adventure then you must also collect more coins along the way

run sheldon review walkthrough

Every time Sheldon has successfully run through any obstacles you will earn some coins including the Coin Magnet and Money Doubler to collect
Once collecting enough coins you have to upgrade Sheldon’s power-ups, buy cool clothing and extra lives to increase his abilities of running faster.
In addition those amazing power-ups and special items will help Sheldon run, fly, bounce and swim his way to freedom.

You will have to lead Sheldon to keep running in order to survive in a fast-paced and addictive action runner game
So help Sheldon get the tortoise race to victory and outwit an endless stream of pesky hares while running his way through night and day in an incredible array of environments from green grassland to lush jungles.

Whilst having his sprint along the way you have to help Sheldon pick up a huge array of power-ups such as Bouncing Bubble, Super Wings, Mega Boost, and Glide Power.

By having those power ups Sheldon will be able to overcome over ten types of enemy in the ground air and water over hundreds of challenges and levels then build up your ‘ShellPower’ for an extra special boost.

In addition you can play this game with your friends then challenge them and other players via global Game Center rankings while sharing your achievements via Facebook.

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