Diamonds Cheats in Superstar Life for iPhone

Superstar Life is a simulation game where you can be a movie star, a popular fashion designer, a music superstar, or a business celebrity whereby you will work hard in order to go straight to the top of your career in this entertainment world

superstar life tips

Early on this game, you will meet your great friends who will help and guide you to complete some quests where, you will date famous guys and go shopping at luxury boutiques

In order to give you a different look, you have to visit the salon for having a new hair or just having pedicure and spa
So, try being one of the most popular people in the world with your own way

In the beginning of the game, you will visit Kelly as your first mission requirement.
In line with this, simply tap the Social tab in the Play menu, register your name first then get the chance to invite more friends to the game and visit Kelly for the first quest completion

Furthermore, you will have to focus on completing the missions in that you merely click the Play button and check out the missions
In those missions, every of the three girls will have something for you to accomplish.

Firstly, concentrate on the missions from Jennifer as they deal with your career and help you get some cash in this game.
Secondly, you can go for Amanda comes with the missions that require most time
Thirdly, just go for Kelly which will improve your style a lot with her missions that is to spend some money on your shopping spree.

After visiting your friends for missions, now you can visit and play at the Carnival once per day.
At this point, you must play them and try to complete the tasks for each game to get maximum amounts of tickets for you.
Once getting those tickets, you can redeem them in the carnival for some really amazing items that will boost your style rating for more

To be the top celebrity in this game, you need high style items in all areas in order to get better.
For such reasons, you can purchase these items from the mall, and make sure to buy the best in each category such as dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, and all the Accessories you need.
After having them, you can wear a dress, a top and a skirt or pants to maximize your style levels.

Besides, start your career by looking for a good job that will give you rewards.
Thus simply choose the one that fits you best and follow your intuition to make your dream come true

Getting a fabulous rating in your career will bring you to visit your office or Career which will be judged based on your style meter.
According to this, you have to invest in designer goods and increase your style rating on all levels to get there so that you will get the Fabulous reward for some real goodies and fame.
For the description, if you spend more money on an item, you will have better style and social status among other celebrities.

Being a superstar will make you search for someone to accompany your your fiancee
This game has provided you a few good looking boys to date, and you have to work your way up to them.

In attempt of getting your first date, you will have to go to the Nightclub and find the interests of your partner while talking to them about that stuff and best topics that men mostly like.

And, if everything goes well, you will have 15 minutes to reach your goal so that they will become your boyfriends then you can date them at the coffee shop later on.

Moreover, doing so will get you some nice gifts from filling the love meter.
In accordance with this, you will need a lot of available energy to do so
And just perform the “Me” actions because they also give you social bubbles.
After completing dates and jobs, you will have some free energy that you can go on a searching spree.

Simply tap the buildings in the city and select the “Search” option to show different items to be found and require you to complete missions and challenges.
When searching building in this game, make sure to move into the Luxury apartment as soon as possible

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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