Stars Unicorn Cheats Swing King iPhone

In swing king game, all you will do is to swing into action then save The King’s furry kingdom in jeopardy
It comes along with a striking visual style in which Swing King takes you through colorful worlds set in pink clouds, dark forests, and lush jungles.

Swing King

In this game you will just fling the King across levels, through obstacles and traps to grab stars and reach his flying unicorn and reunite white fur with his trusty steed.

On the other side you can simply touch controls to aim the King’s trajectory and move obstacles out of his way then use power-ups such as the sticky grappling point and the boxing glove.

Try to fling the King and solve 92 puzzling levels while collecting all the stars floating around each stage
Beside having more duties in your journey you have to unlock all of the hats in your in-game wardrobe for completing challenges as well.

You have to use more finite control to arc him over obstacles.
You will also be sliding parts of the level around to catch or bounce your character towards the stars you need to collect to move on.

Try to play the most of Swing King’s bouncy, rubbery physics to send him flying over traps and dangers.
In this occasion you have to use power-ups that is the boxing glove in order to punch through walls and knock out bosses in epic fur-fights.

You will be moving pieces of the level around and trying to collect all the stars as you move towards your friend that will be a flying unicorn in order to complete the level.

Some of the objects in each level will allow you to grab those objects and others will bounce you.
Now your goal is to use those objects to get the stars and get to the unicorn as well.

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