How to Collect More SC in Sword of Phantasia on iPhone

Sword of Phantasia is a card based title with a plenty of cards to collect, then you will have to go on quests for treasure, fight against raid bosses, manage your equipment with those cards you have collected throughout the game.

sword of phantasia tips

Before going for quests, you will have to equip your hero with some equipments such as weapons and armor that you can find in the loot area.
Getting into this area will require your silver and golden keys as they can be used to open chests and obtain weapons and armors.

If you can find rare equipment in that place you will get access to open the golden chests as they include the best weapons and armors, but everything else must not be skipped as extra equipment pieces can be used to upgrade other items.
After using up all of your keys, go back to your equipment screen and auto-equip both weapons and armor to instantly optimize your equipment.

Once getting them, go and use your excess equipment to power up your current equipment.
When doing so, just go to the upgrade screen and you can either upgrade or refine your equipment.

Upgrading your equipment allows you to sacrifice excess equipment to level up the stuff that you are already wearing.
And, refining allows you to refine your equipment, increasing the refining level and evolving it.

To Refine an item basically means to evolve it, making it go back to level 1.
Doing so will level up faster than regular items, allowing it to become stronger more quickly.

To get even better, once you upgrade your refined equipment again, its level will increase rapidly, just as it did when you first upgraded it.
So a good balance of upgrading and refining will give you astronomically powerful equipment during the game.

While adventuring in this game, make sure you keep an eye on the events that pop up every now and then. Taking part in these events are the best chance of obtaining special and powerful items so make sure to complete them as soon as possible.

On the other side, the quest is the way that you advance the story, but the events are your best chance at getting the rarest and most powerful equipment.
This equipment will come in handy against both battle bosses and raid bosses.

Furthermore, you will get involved in the bosses battle, in which the raid bosses can be attacked by up to 20 different players, and raid boss battles provide some of the best rewards in the game.

Therefore, when you start in a raid boss battle, try to participate as often as possible, as much as your BP will allow you to do.
In addition, taking part in Boss Battles are probably the best way to get some valuable rewards, so make sure to take part in these battles as much as possible.

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