Magical Orbs Cheats Tales of Phantasia iPhone

In tales of phantasia namco bandai games, you will play as a hero who will guide your team to fight against enemies that will be scattered on each map you will explore

thales of phantasia tips

Before beginning your first stunt, try to learn some control options of how to control your heroes that will travel across maps

First time, the positioning of the target switch icon at the bottom right of the screen that will offer you to frantically tap to execute moves of your heroes

When moving your heroes, always step up carefully as sometimes you will constantly swap targets and you can be getting hit from behind.

On the other side, there are three “zones” in this game that determine the kind of attack that yo can use for creating combos action in which they are at the top, the middle, and the bottom.
So try to combine those zones each other to get your attack done in multiple moves at one time

The game will offer you micro transactions in that you can purchase items that revive a party if you and your squad are annihilated by enemies in the battle zone.
When battling with enemies, you can also find Apple Gels, Life Bottles, and anything useful in the game.

Furthermore, utilization of purchasable items will grant you some benefits, such as being able to revive and continue from the point when you are defeated during battle.

In addition, you will be served with simple controls that will allow you to play through the game using only one finger.
And you can easily move your heroes across maps through the action-based battle system along the game.

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