Coins Cash Cheats Tank Battles for iPhone

In tank battles game, you must take part in multiplayer mode to to earn more cash, the premium currency that you can use them to purchase high-end gear and to upgrade your tank for an advanced one

tank battles tips

Besides, you can also use them to respawn in single player missions to avoid having to restart.
For such reasons, you can earn free extra cash by tapping on the “Free Cash” button then you will be brought to simply watch the video till it finishes whereby cash will appear afterward

On the other side, you can also gather more cash by taking part in multiplayer battles or campaign battles in which you and your opponents respawn competing for points under a time limit while using some random power-ups like health and missiles during this action.

In addition, you can join World Battle where you compete online against players from around the world in timed events for prizes and potential glory.

Campaign battles will give you a chance of earning coins and stars in that every of them will come with some objectives from destroying everything including the enemy tank to using specific items whereby you will have to complete them in order to earn the maximum amount of stars and coins.

Once picking up a mission, you will be prompted to “Trick Out Your Tank” with various items and gear as some missions will require the use of specific items in order to earn a star

Once collecting enough coins, you can use them to purchase most of the regular items and parts like tank parts and temporary power-ups in the game.

With stars you have collected through the campaign, you can use them to unlock new missions and access to better tank parts in the Shop.

When attempting to complete objective, every quest that has been completed will give you 100 coins in an online battle so that you can manually claim the reward in this menu.

At this point, you have to buy new item parts like treads, cannon, and hull and upgrade your tank to increase their overall effectiveness before starting a multiplayer match

During in the battle, all you have to do is to tap and drag the bottom-left corner of the screen to move, and tap anywhere else to fire right at the enemies tank.

When in a multiplayer game, shoot at at the power-ups for health pickups and temporary upgrades while earning items as bonus as well.

Remember to simply not get blown up while trying to destroy your opponent, as it can become more complicated once you and your enemies start using shells that ricochet off of walls during the play.

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