Visa Cash Cheats Tank Domination iPhone

In tank domination game, you must equip your tank with enough shells and ammo then go to infiltrate the enemy’s base and gather money
On the other words, your goal is pretty simple as you will be tasked to destroy all enemy tanks units in the battlefield.
Every player will be given one life, so that try wiping out an entire team than capturing the base.

tank domination tips

Before going to the battlefield, you will have to prepare anything you need as your attempts to win the match against enemies there.
First of all, shells will be absolutely needed, as they will be your ammo which can be used up to three types per tank whereby you must have at least one to start a match.

Any supporting items will let you heal yourself and your teammates during a fight such as shells that are consumable and can be replenished between battles.

If you run out ammo, you can purchase them between battles, and each tank has a limit as to how much ammo it can hold that also determines how many times you can fire during the battle.

When you jump into a battle, you will be together four friends as your team and so the enemies are.
After the pre-match timer expires, you can roll out and complete either of the two win conditions.

Doing some upgrades with power ups will provide small boosts to various parts of your tank in that some upgrades will increase speed and your firing range, then others upgrades will improve or change the qualities of your tank’s armor.
Your power ups can be activated at any time during battle whereby they can provide certain drawbacks, such as revealing your location to the enemy.

Meanwhile, you can also purchase visas to give you certain boosts over a set time period.
One visa will give you twenty percent more valor over a four-hour period.

Besides, another one will increase your defenses by over fifty percent for a month.
Moreover, the expensive visa will give you bonuses to valor, credits, and experience points

Furthermore, just press the “Vehicle Modules” button to check out a list of all your currently-equipped modules inside your tank.
Every of those modules will improve a different part of your tank, so simply pick up a handful of modules when you get an opportunity.

Pay attention in maps during the battle, whereby in smaller and more cluttered maps, you can see the situation where to approach slowly, avoid enemy fire, and try to get a good vantage point on the opposition.

At that point, try to vary the ammo you bring to deliver damage and equip piercing armor as well.
Try to bring a second tank with acceptable loadouts as you can easily hop into a new match when you get stuck during the match.

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