Gems Bolts Cheats Tank Nation for iPhone

In tank nation game, if running out of bolts when upgrading your tank, you can replay previous levels to earn them and exchange some equipments for more bolts and cash

tank nation tips

Also, you can sell unwanted equipment to earn quick money as well.
These bolts and the parts can be used to upgrade your tanks and you will be able to level up each item as well as increasing those stats after doing such upgrade.

When upgrading your tanks, consider as every tank have five slots namely a driver, a weapon, a method of movement, and up to two pieces of tech.
Besides, every single of equipment comes with its own offensive and defensive stats.

When playing this game, every tank has a set amount of energy that you need to perform each action.
Furthermore, you will be tasked to plan planning your moves.

At this point, you will have three options which are attack with your equipped weapon, move with the equipped wheels or legs, and use any available tech equipment.

To deliver attack, select the weapon on the bottom of the screen then tap and drag a line from the selected tank in the direction opposite you want to launch missile

Note that different weapons carry different properties.
Missiles will fire in a parabolic line and strike with four hefty shots
Gatling guns will fire multiple weak shots in a straight line.

Remember that you have to pay attention when moving your tank on the battlefield as ever move will consume energy in which different methods of movement will provide different results like wheels go farthest on flat terrain and legs excel at climbing hills.

Attachable tech power-ups will indeed help you in the battle such as decreasing damage from certain types of attacks, or creating a shield that temporarily knocks back ammunition from enemies
Although, every power up will consume a set amount of energy and they can perform a variety of abilities.

During the battle, once your team uses all its energy, the opponent’s team will get a chance to attack so that keep your tank on the stable health bar in order to survive from any incoming attack

Meanwhile, playing the campaign will allow you to clear all enemies to spawn another wave that is based on the level.
When you destroy tanks, you can pick up experience, bolts, equipment, and health so that if your team is wiped out, you can continue for a fee or dispose of your reward and return to the main menu.

Equip your tank with a lot to weapons such as metal, fire and acid with a series of strengths and weaknesses to each one that the game will mention when you land your first non-metal weapon.

Every driver will come to their own special abilities.
Some of them will provide you boosts to certain weapon types, while others will restore health after each turn in the battle.
Thus, try to select the driver that has the best base attack or defense and boosts.

In addition, movement and tech will carry offensive and defensive stats, like drivers and weaponry.
So after winning enough matches and earning enough experience to reach player level five, you will unlock more character slots that allow you to expand your numbers and start to add variety to your team.

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