Wood Gold Cash Cheats Terraria iPhone

When playing terraria game, you can use tools to mine resources including gold as your money cash
Then, you can use the mining axe and dig around for a number of high-quality ores, including iron, copper and gold.

terraria tips

Besides axe, you can also use your pickaxe to cut down trees and to collect wood
Therefore, you can build your first house but you have to complete it before nightfall as demons get out in night.

To get more resources, you can go to an Underworld beneath the main world and you can start digging straight down to create a Hellevator, which lets you quickly reach the Underworld in which you have to make some Glow sticks to help you see while being there.

Once getting your first house built, you have to keep the building structure in safety like having a lock for the door, which you can set up with a block on the inside or outside of the door to protect you from the Blood Moon nights, when enemies are stronger than usual.

Dig a big pit to create the foundation, then build around it to set up homes as deep in the ground as possible while building more room as well
Meanwhile, you can build entryways small enough with space to attack enemies.
If the doorway is low enough, they will be stuck outside so that you can take them down.

When digging, you will find baddies beneath the surface, including large earthworms so you can keep a weapon handy to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

And you can build some great stuff if you have the right resources including new weapons like the boomerangs and the Star Cannon, and more powerful ore materials to make a better structure.
Dig out the bottom three tiles on one wall and place a door to get easy access in and out.

To get wood, equip your axe and hold your finger on a tree then waif for a while to see the tree explode by itself and aim your axe at the very base to avoid leaving stumps.
Then try to make a workbench with ten pieces of wood to craft bigger and better stuff.

Afterward, you have to use your pickaxe to level out some ground to build a home.
With woods you have just got, you can use them as a background wall by crafting lots of wood wall blocks, two walls and a ceiling as well.

Iron, the subtle brown tint, and sparkles in sunlight is the most important ore to make more powerful versions of all your basic copper tools and it can be used to make more powerful tools to dig deeper into the dirt.
And you can use dirt and mud to build bridges and steps over previously impassable rivers and mountains.
With some bridges you have built, you can come across an incredibly deep canyon, an impassable mountain, or a massive chasm.

When finishing your first house, you have to make beds close to your original spawn point as you will always return to the same spawn spot when you die in that you can turn cobwebs from dungeons and caves, into silk with a loom so that it will create a workbench to turn silk and wood into a bed.

Just find chests in dungeons to have rare items, such as the magic mirror and the breathing reed.
Then, you can use a hammer to dislodge the chest and put it in your pocket to store your money.
Having chests will be important as you lose half the cash in your pockets when you die, but your money is safe inside a chest.

To make a torch, use your sword or pickaxe to kill slimes as these creatures drop gel when they die, so that you can use along with wood to make torches placed on the walls to light your new abode.

After making tools, you will need tonnes of iron for helmets, chainmail, and greaves
And you can spend it on swords and pickaxes before making hats and shoes.

In addition, in order to make potions, you have to get sand and turn it into glass to make bottles to hold various potions, with lots of different effects for having weapons and protections.

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