The Barbarian Tips Guide Strategy for iOS

In The Barbarian, you can play as one of several beefy barbarian heroes.
Then, you will hit land on the docks of a small town outside of a castle to help the people there.

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Monsters are everywhere, the castle has closed its doors to the people, cats and dogs are living together, then you will go for a quest by talking to people and retrieve some item that you will invariably pluck off a dead body in some exotic location
Later on, when bringing it back you are rewarded either materially or with a plot coupon that allows you to get to the next bunch of quests.

Try to use your accumulated wealth to upgrade your gear or to train in new skills
Besides, skill points are earned on level ups along with the usual stat boosts.

Once meeting the right requirements, you can switch to an advanced job class that will afford you even more abilities for handling the enemies.
Stir leisurely for about 15-20 hours to have The Barbarian.

Here, you will go for the advanced job classes, individual weapon skills and levels, and an unusually long campaign for this kind of game.
In most places all you can really do is wade into the storm, unless you want to take advantage of the AI by drawing beasts in smaller numbers around corners.

The enemies afford plenty of opportunities for fast-paced combat based on positioning, dodging, and counter-attacking, and you can try to get your barbarian to move quickly enough in practice to actually avoid hits most of the time, even after sinking points into the ability that makes him move much more quickly.

Along the game, you only have so many skill points and so much gold to go around, so you may follow either the fighter or the mage path that you select at the start.
For mages, you must be ready for how numerous and aggressive the enemies can be.

Here, if you are persistent with either class, you will make progress, particularly since the majority of enemies take what seems like forever to respawn.

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