The Beginners Guide and Cheats of The Enchanted Cave 2 iOS

The Enchanted Cave 2 is a rather smart combination of a turn-based dungeon crawler, where you are tasked with exploring a magical cave for reasons
It is filled with treasure and monsters in near-equal proportions, and you have to find the stairs leading down to the next one on each floor.

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If you simply go rushing down the staircase each time you find it, your character will soon be in too deep to survive.
So, you must explore at least a little on each level, while picking up some loot and killing monsters for rewards.

Early on your exploration on the cave, you will find an important item that will warp you back out.
If you can do so well, you can restore your health and magic, and you will even save your character’s gained experience level among other things like your accumulated gold.

On the other words, you will simply enter the dungeon, go as far as you can, gather some loot, get some experience, and get out before you get killed, in which once getting a progress, you will get a little farther, grab a bit more loot, get a bit stronger, and escape again.
Having a little more progress will grant you a nice power-up, a cool new gun, etc.

Oftentimes, there are magical items that will often appear on the same floors each time, though they sometimes differ from game to game.
You will also find a smithing stone on every fifth floor, and barring a couple of surprises, a shop on every tenth.
The smithing stone allows you to modify your gear with the reagents you find scattered around, adding attributes and stat bonuses as you like.

Moreover, you can also use these reagents at any time to mix up potions with varying effects.
Similar to your non-magical gear, these vital ingredients will scatter to the winds when you escape from the cave, so like the man says, smoke them if you have got them.

And, the shop is particularly important as it acts as a checkpoint.
So be sure to make it as far as the next one, you can start the cave from there the next time you enter.

By tapping on the square they occupy, you will enter into combat with monsters that will need to be killed for you to reach the stairways
Also, you can tap a free square to run away, which can sometimes be helpful.

Just try to take out enough of them and earn a level up, which allows you to pick one stat to improve and gives you three skill points to allocate. The skill points are spent on a grid that resembles Final Fantasy 10’s Sphere Grid, letting you spend points along a few different paths to open up further upgrades down the road.
These gains are permanent that will give you safely escape, so you will be stronger the longer you play.

The loot varies and scales up appropriately, the enemies are constantly changing and becoming more powerful, and you can try to go for boss and some random events here and there.

Try to discover secret rooms containing stairs down to the next level along the way that not only offer up a magical item or two each time, but also feed you a little scrap of the game’s story.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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