How to Solve Puzzle in The Cave on iPhone

In the cave sega game, you choose characters among seven characters for your party in that you can switch between them at any time relying on their special abilities.

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Remember every character will have his or her own skills to overcome obstacles and puzzle
Furthermore, pay attention to items in the environment, and figure out how to use them to move forward when solving every puzzle.

In the beginning of the game, certain levels open up for specific characters.
For example, you can only access the Castle with the Knight in tow
On the other side, you can not access the Twins’ house without them too.

Using The Monk will help you get the job done with a Crowbar and will draw items closer- perfect for those out-of-reach objects with his Telekinesis.
The Adventurer character will bring you in search of treasure and a pair of lost companions
He also swings across wide crevasses and dangerous pits, as she uses a combination grappling hook or rope.

The Hillbilly will take you to find love in which he is good at swimming underwater and breathe without running out of oxygen.
The Scientist will get you to discover anything to share with all mankind and he is able to hack consoles scattered throughout the Cave, which will let you into otherwise unreachable areas.

The Twins will get you involved in the search for their parents and they will lead you to go through tougher portions of The Cave.
Just use them for cloning abilities, so they can stay in one spot while sending others to activate levers and other items.

The Knight is the brave person seeking a soul of immense power and using his Guardian Angel capability to drop from high ledges which can normally kill other characters.
Use him when you get to the Knight’s castle in The Cave.

The Time Traveller is the futuristic character who can undo a wrong that could lead to a devastating future so that when using her, activate her teleportation to warp her to different objects, such as gates or something else.
Moreover, her hover boots will make her to run across water.

When starting this game initially, try using the Adventurer, the Time Traveller and the Twins.
They are like an odd combination, but they will help you get through some of the puzzles in the game much easier to get the solutions.

All you have to do to play this game is simply to tap and hold to make your character run.
Once selecting a character, tap that hero’s head icon to unleash his or her special ability.

Note that do not leave objects behind as these will be your clue.
Because of every character can hold one item, use these inventory slots to have as many items with you when having your journey.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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