How to Collect More Gold Cards in The Collectables for iPhone

In the collectables game, you have to command a crew of renegade soldiers then as their commander, you will send them into explosive combat with strategic precision along the game.

the collectables tips

You and your rebel mercenaries will take part in some actions with the bad guys standing in your path, so that all you will do is to blow the enemy sky-high
So just select your favorite heroes, carry on your bazooka and get to the chopper as it is time to participate to auto-fire their battle.

Later on, you are in charge of your team in which you will give your team an order to move on with a strategic procedure.
And if you tap on an area of the screen your whole squad will move there

On the other side, if you tap on one hero then drag him, you can place him wherever you want
Moreover, you can also move your whole squad behind cover or to different places on the map for a better defensive strategy.

During in the combat zone, you can send in your hero with the highest health and defense to draw enemy fire while your other three squad members are getting involved in gun battle.

Sending your best hero will be effective way in which you can do that if one of your members is a medic or if you have plenty of reviving action cards, such as band-aids at that time.

Meanwhile, if your enemy is hiding behind cover and you want to flush them out, you can run right at them and force them to move whereby when they are standing you will do more damage to them.

At this point, you can either go back behind cover or keep on moving, while running in a circle around your enemies and avoiding more of their fire to deliver as much damage as possible.

Furthermore, if you want to speed-run the mission, you do not have to kill every single enemy on the stage except for areas where it specially says that this is what you have to do to move on.
By doing so, you earn free gold, that you will get for beating a mission for the fourth time, especially for the stage such as boss stages.

After going through some progresses in this game, you can upgrade all of your hero cards with hero fuel.
Afterwards, simply save it for your most critical cards or for your rarest cards

However, if you are in a hard stage that is difficult to beat, you are able to use hero fuel to get past it more easily or you can use gold to purchase some rarer cards for your collections.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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