Coins Cash Cheats The Impossible Line for iPhone

In the impossible line game, you can get more coins to purchase power ups used to solve the puzzle
Here, you can use a series of chalkboards, with a starting point for each, a finishing point, and a whole lot of walling between the two.

the impossible line tips

All you have to do is to steer the chalk line from start to finish without colliding into a single invisible wall ans steer a chalk line around a maze will turn invisible after a brief reveal.

Meanwhile, when moving the chalk in one continuous line, you have to increase the chances that you will forget how the maze is laid out, in that you will not have to pay for a reveal to get going again.

There will be two different kinds of power-ups such as the miner’s hat and the reveal.
Along the game, you will get more use out of the miner’s hat, as long as you take things very slowly and listen out for the proximity buzzer.

Moreover, this miner’s hat will give you clear vision in a very small circular area immediately around the point where your chalk is positioned on the screen.

Just use reveals in the most complex levels that are found towards the end of the game.
Furthermore, you can also call in a quick memory refresher, and have the maze overlay appear for a very brief amount of time, even though you will not move your chalk while this memory jogger is active.

Take a time to the proximity beeper at all times as every noise indicates that you are getting too close to a wall for comfort
Use also this circular meter as a visual aide

If the circle gets smaller, you will be closer to a wall.
So steer carefully around the screen to solve some complex levels easily.

Just use your existing chalk line as a guide for the next line you have to draw if you know that there are parallel lines right next to each other.
You have to notice carefully that the lengths and widths of the obstacles are the same while listening out for that proximity beeper as well.

In a addition, test your skill and use your finger to draw line on the chalkboard and reach the goal while avoiding the obstacles, moving objects and keys to collect through the game.
Then try to conquer over 200 levels each with a different unique challenge to earn coins as the main currency of this game

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