Jewels Cheats The Knights of Mira Molla on iPhone

The Knights of Mira Molla game from nubee is a new trap strategy simulation game in which it is essentially a cross between a card battling RPG and Clash of Clans so that it will come to unique genre.

the knights of mira molla tips

At the beginning of the game, you will load up on all sorts of troops, most of who will quickly be useless to you.
At this point, you ave to power up your favorite troops and your rarest troops using your least powerful Mira Molla as upgrade fodder in the Power Up Synthesis area.

So if you can find ghost Mira Molla, they will earn exponentially more experience for your gaining Mira Molla compared to normal common cards.
Evolve your cards to be the rarest ones
Cards evolution is done using Evo Synthesis.
Here, every card will have a specific selection of evolution materials, and you will not know what they are until you actually find them.

For a good indicator, you should check the silhouettes and compare them to cards that you have seen in battle or those cards are in your items inventory.

Furthermore, you will have to build basic base defense as your defense strategies.
To build your defense is pretty simple as you will merely surround all of your important buildings with walls in which you can build the base headquarters and your gold and ether buildings with walls
Later on, in multiple layers if possible, you can support it with additional rows of walls to separate the buildings from each other.

Once having trough some battles, you have to upgrade your turrets to as high as you can get them too.
You can add more cannons and other defense towers that you have, so that it will protect you from any incoming enemies.

So if your base level comes to higher one, you will have more walls and turrets.
The flip side is that you will be able to earn less gold and ether from the same enemies.

Furthermore, you will be able to make strategic party selections based on who you have the most trouble defeating.
Here, lizard troops, while common, are actually very valuable
It is caused by they will go after bombs, and when you use them in a bomb-infested stage, they actively search for bombs.

On the other side, they will take no damage from bombs though.
In addition, having more range troops such as witches will provide you extra advantage, as they can fire over walls.

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