Money Silvers Cheats The Lone Ranger on iPhone

In the lone ranger game, you play as a Texas Ranger in the old Wild West
Here, you will have the main mission of protecting the town of Colby that is to wipe out the crimes in the town and bring the notorious villains to justice then collect silvers cash.

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In doing your job, you will just tap the preselected areas on screen to complete tasks like shooting the bandits hidden behind the wagons, and dueling against the local outlaws on the street.
As a result, you will be rewarded some coins to upgrade your ranger and weapons as well

Just tap on the Silver Star on the top right corner of the screen in order to keep tracking our missions whether you are doing something as simple as finding a lighter or hunting down a notorious criminal to keep the town of Colby safe
By doing so, you will also get a recap of active missions and complete them.

In addition, in order to collect more silvers, you will try harder to shoot more enemies as this will give you a chance of getting cash of fund to purchase anything you need to play this game

And completing each task will extremely need a certain amount of energy or ammo.
Once using them, you have to wait for an hour or so to replenish your energy.

Meanwhile, arrows that you can scroll down will show you to find missions on-screen marked with icons.
Moreover, you also see locations in form of objects such as a building or well and track down enemies, then target these lowlifes for attack
Doing such action will be depending on how many hit points that is shown with a lightning bolt next to them

Remember you have on your meter so do not miss them and use them wisely then wait for this to refill as well.
You have to be quick when it comes to picking up in-game cash then it to add this currency to your funds, which you can use to upgrade your character in the game.
By doing such upgrades, you can become the better Ranger with the better skills to start your new journey in this cowboy land.

Quick outlaw shootouts will indicate you when you are supposed to shoot.
And enemies will pop out slowly and aim, while taking about a second or so.

So just shoot them on sight while keeping your eyes opened on enemies in the higher areas, like rock formations and building rooftops.
Thus shoot more bad guys to collect more silver coins in this game.

When being in the duels, it will not matter where you hit your adversary when they are in your sights.
On this occasion, all you have to do is just to wait for the red bullseye to appear in order to hit them successfully.

Note that, before entering a gun battle, you have to check for their draw time as well as rewards when you finish.
On the other side, some battles are worth walking away from if they have little to offer.

As making some good progresses, you will need to reload your resources with The Lone Ranger.
For such reasons, you should try either to wait for your funds to eventually replenish in about an hour’s time or to use a couple of dollars to load up right away.
However, it depends how much you get out of the game as you can wait just to fill up on silver coins and recharges.

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