Where to Get More Potions Packs in The Shadow Sun for iPhone

The Shadow Sun will take to explore its world via three general playstyles including the physical Warrior, the spell-slinging Mage, and the sneaky Rogue coming to packs that you will go through along the game.

the shadow sun tips

On the other words, it also allows you full reign to customize your character across all three routes with pretty standard story in which an unknown plague is starting to spread, turning the people into zombie-like creatures, the streets unsafe and our hero will fight for glory.

You will adventure on many occasion to go through the quests whereby there will be multiple ways to be solved and interactions are based on the skills you have
Meanwhile, you will meet villains and you can avoid combat or simply play as the brainless brute who stabs you with a longsword before you move on.

This game will allow you to completely customize your character to your liking, choosing from multiple skills and attack types, mastering spells and weapon types and choosing armor and shields, then approaching each situation your own way.

You also have a few companions to choose from, each with their pros and cons, each with specific instructions that you can set – like turn them into gung ho attackers or support players, healers or simply take them based on the mission you have.

This game also delivers the Skills tab only, for example, has 5 major areas, each with 6 possible skills to learn, each upgradable twice.
When going to battle with opponents, you have slots for special attacks at items that can be easily accessed, you basically have just one action button which, once tapped, makes your character attack or makes him block incoming attacks if you touch and hold the same button.

When fighting multiple enemies, a simple tap selects the one you will attack so everything is as optimized as possible to make the otherwise crappy touch controls as solid and accurate as possible.

In addition, you will attempt to find the source of the plague and put a stop to it, while learning few skills and spells, so that you will have plenty of options for combat tactics.

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