Coins Cheats The Tower Ketchapp iPhone

The Tower from Ketchapp is a new tower building game, where you will be tasked to accomplish the main goal that is to build the tower as high as possible

the tower ketchapp tips

In your attempt to build this, you have to drop the new piece onto the previous piece in which you have to do it as accurately as possible.
Remember that, the game ends when you drop a piece that does not fall on your previous piece
And, your pieces get extremely smaller and smaller.

When doing so, just take your time.
Drop the piece as accurately as possible.
Here, any of the overhang will break off, then your next piece will be the same size as your last piece.

If you get smaller pieces , they will move faster before you drop them, in which it will make it tougher to be accurate.
On the other side, the speed up as you earn points so that if you have more points you will be accurate to do anything right.

Perfect drops will provide you ten times more coins than the “good” drops will.
In line with this, using boosts will sometimes be more useless than others.

The head start is by far the best out of all of the boosts.
According to this, you can try to tap the gauge when it is as close to the top as possible for the biggest head start.
Anyway, when the game shows you that floors fit better when you play fast, it is not true as those floors fit exactly the same.

Meanwhile, having the coin doubler power up will be useless.
This power up costs 1,000 coins, and you will never earn 500 coins in a round to start with unless you are capable of scoring perfects.

Besides, having the insurance power up will give you an extra free restart from the last checkpoint. However, this power ups will also be worthless because it will get you to your last checkpoint in a horrible location.

Later on, you will be able to use an extra life at the end of a level, in which it will take you back to the old checkpoint.
At this point, having this and the previous power up will only be useful when you die very early on and your last checkpoint was on a big piece.

In order to earn more coins, making a “good” match will generate you two coins.
And making a “perfect match” will earn you twenty coins.

In addition, if want to hack the game and change your high score in this game, you must have a hex editor on the Android version of the game, or iExplorer on a PC on the iOS version.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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