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In theatrhythm final fantasy game, you can try to play in the Quest Medley mode in which each quest is a set made up of a single FMS or Field Music Stage and a single BMS or Battle Music Stage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

In the FMS you just slide across the screen in undulating waves that rise and fall in time to the slower-paced songs in these stages.

In the BMS you just flick and tap to the furious beat to hit the Triggers flowing before each character in these fast-paced songs.

When playing this game you will find yourself facing different songs, different levels of difficulties, and different rewards for completion.

How to level up your character hinges on clearing tough songs and get some scores in theatrhythm final fantasy game

Each time that you play through a song, your characters will get experience.
So you simply level them up and the abilities gained by doing so are automatically equipped to your characters to be triggered during the music stages.

Your level will be determined by the three regular scores namely the Basic, Expert, and Ultimate scores that you get from completing quest

You will get a further three Illusive Scores for each song which will be arrangements of the regular scores with similarly varying levels of difficulty.
You have to clear Quest Medleys to collect the shards of these Illusive Scores and open up new adventures.

Players in this game can create their original scores by trying their hand at the Compose Scores mode
And you can upload your scores then use Twitter to tell the world about the scores you create yourself and share them with players everywhere

Simply tap, swipe, and drag to the beat of songs from every “main” numbered Final Fantasy game.
In the battle scenes is your chosen party of four battles a parade of familiar monsters and bosses – including chibi Kefka and transformed Sephiroth

The icons in four lines of battle scene will represent one character’s attacks in that every successful tap does damage to the enemies just as a menu selection would in a “real” Final Fantasy.

And field scenes is the leader of your party treks from right to left through forests, deserts and other scenery to meet up with another character

In the field scenes you have to hold the stylus on the screen and trace long, contoured lines to simulate travel over rough terrain.

Then event scenes is simply to tap icons to trace geometric patterns, over cutscene montages.
Simply tapping and holding anywhere as the icons follow beautiful patterns in the event scenes so that you do not have to worry about their positioning.

Each successful song will give your party experience so that they can cover more distance or defeat more monsters in the space of a single song.

Try to equip items, spells, and abilities to boost the stats of your skill
Boost your Agility to cover more ground in field scenes and increase the likelihood to reach the treasure chest at the end.

Spells like Thundara are activated in battle scenes when you successfully tap or hold a certain number of notes, and cause additional damage.

Simply play to enjoy the songs in order to improve your score and unlock characters or other items.
Try to replay the songs in different difficulty levels to farm spells, level up, and acquire “crystals” to unlock new characters in this game.

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