How to Gain Score Points These Lumps Adventure Time iPhone

In lump adventure time cartoon network game, you will start out with a small ring of limelight and bump into rivals with a smaller spotlight in which you have to accomplish your main goal that is to steal the spotlight from the crowds of hipsters and posers.

these lump adventure time tips

If you can do it right, it will be fun to blast opponents off the floor as your spotlight grows.
Otherwise, do it wrong can be frustrating as you will be watching your energy bar fall as the time ticks go away.
So try to dance your way to the top, and help you live your fantasy as the hottest space princess in like, ever.

During the dance party, try to see targets with a small spotlight
At the same time, you can tap a location on the screen, Lumpy Space Prince will boogie on over while you search for your next dancer coming to you.

On the other side, you can just hold still and wait for a dancer to bump in to you.
And if you are always touching the screen, Lumpy Space Prince will always be moving, and the game gets a lot more frantic.

During the dance section, you will be able to dance your lumps off against Fionna, Cake, Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Flame Prince, Ice Queen and many more of your favorite gender-swapped characters

You can also power up to party hard with mah beans, freakin’ delicious sandwiches, a disco ball blitz, and a heartthrob slow dance.
So try to make Lump Space Prince the lord of the dance floor.

When you start off, your spotlight is pretty puny.
And if you get stuck on an edge, there is not much maneuvering room to get around bigger enemies to take out the little guys.

Staying in the center when you are small means you will have a much easier time keeping away from the big baddies without missing easy marks.
Then, once you have grown you can move to an edge and just work your way up and down hitting everything that comes along.
Moving vertically rather than chasing down your prey horizontally is a lot more efficient, and you will have fewer missed opportunities.

While dancing, you can try using power ups
These Power-ups, particularly the speed and heart boosters, will help you along the game
You can score a few easy knock-outs, but if you go for the speed boost first, you can catch up easily.
Using the heart boost will slow everything down and it gives you a big score multiplier, so always get the heart as soon as you see it.

Using time and energy boosts will help your bonus score at the end of the game and the extra energy could mean the difference between defeat and victory when a boss hits the floor.

At first, the disco ball shrinks enemy spotlights leaving everything on the dance-floor vulnerable, in which it is that everything on the dance floor gives only ten points.
The disco ball is great at the beginning of a level, but once you are big enough to take on bigger opponents you have to avoid it like the plague.

Besides disco ball, you will also have to plan your strategy when dealing with bosses.
When dealing with bosses, try to make sure you have got most of your energy left over when the boss appears on the dancing floor.

Meanwhile, you should also watch the boss a bit to see if you can predict when their spotlight shrinks and how long it stays small.
When you are certain the spotlight is about to shrink, charge in and not even get back down as you will probably lose a bit of energy, but it is better to lose some energy than to lose the game.

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