This Means War for Medals Red Mercury Cheats on iPhone

When playing this means war tapzen game, you have to invade opponent bases while simultaneously repelling their particular attempts with invading the base.

this means war tips

In line wit this, you will be able to use a combination associated with troops to attacks, firearm towers to defenses, as well as brains.
In the way of defending your base, you do have a lot associated with different preventive towers on hand at the start of the activity, and the actual attacks start following your defend runs away, so just build them as quickly as possible.

You will have to complete begin the experience with the three day shield, so wherever possible, use most three of people days to your benefit to max out the defenses.

For targeting, you will certainly initially have a very few fewer options; even so, build the War Factory and you will be able to begin training hefty machinery.

As soon as you hit Command Center degree 4, you will be able to build an Jet Factory as well.
To plan your strategy, diversify the troops to make it easier to win battles against the two other people and contrary to the Lone Celeb Republic.

Train troops will be determined by strengths.
For example, grunts do not cope much damage they have lots of health for being so cheap.
Rocket soldiers deliver more damage and they are long array attackers nevertheless have fewer health.
Hackers will be powerful but more expensive.
Snipers possess low well being but high attack as well as range.
Hijackers do a huge amount of damage through hijacking opponent buildings.
And the game changes more once you obtain vehicles as well as aircraft with it.

When going to invade your rivals, you will also have a chance of collecting not merely supplies as well as red mercury, but electric power cells also, which include the premium resource of this game and enables you to buy another engineer or maybe speed things up.

In order to get the medals, try to fight one more player and send in one troop, then quit the actual battle at that time.
Redo this again and again until the medals are generally low sufficient then you may use that more time with the actual medals at a low level to allow your assets, red mercury, and other goodies to help slowly build.

This game offers you very few buildings so you should start focusing on upgrading them early on, and the order is extremely important
1. upgrade storage buildings first
2. upgrade the resource buildings second starting with the Red Mercury Collectors
3. upgrade the Army camps afterwards
4. upgrade the defenses, followed by Command Center and Troop producing buildings.

Later on, attacking works very differently in this game, and therefore building your perfect base in the game should follow different rules.
At this point, you can build up a hard to beat base like this

Start with a row of walls right at the front, and put behind them a set of your most useless buildings like resource producing buildings and worker stations.

Then, follow them with the bunkers by placing them centrally to cover the whole base and towers, to the sides.
You want the front/middle area covered as much as possible, but also the sides if some of your enemies are smart enough to go for an alternate route.

Going for this design will ensure your best protection, as most people attack from the center.
The flanks will always be pretty much exposed, but at least this way you will have better protection for the attacks towards any opponents.

In addition, when it comes to attacking, try to consider to try and flank your opponents, because it is usually the flanks that are not well defended.
When launching an attack, you can try to deploy your troops to the extreme left or right side of the battlefield.

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