How to Get More Trophies in Thomas Was Alone for iPhone

Thomas Was Alone is a strategic platforming game, in that you will be served with a cast of blocks in assorted shapes and sizes and you will simply move puzzle blocks to reach the portals at the end of each level.

thomas was alone tips

Sometimes, the route from point A to point B will not be always clear though.
Because of this circumstance, you will need to stack blocks together and overcome obstacles in order to get where you need to go for further.

On the other words, you will to guide Thomas through each level, pushing him through white portals shaped and sized just like himself.
As you progress you will meet other characters that you will need to direct to their own level goals, which aren’t necessarily in the same section, solving the navigational puzzles along the way.

Furthermore, in order to lead to exit door, you will simple go left, right or jump during in your attempt to move along to new levels.
In line with this, you will also be able to make distant jumps and stack characters on top of one another in this game.

Usually, you will be in time where you will need to have blocks come together in order to get through the exit in one piece.
And, you will gradually be introduced to these new pieces as the game goes along.

Basically, with stacking, you may need to rearrange some blocks so they will be on a higher platform that will allow you to make the jump, then have Thomas slide in so they snugly fit on top.
You can then carry them along and eventually reach the exit, although the weight could have a slight effect on how you jump.

Some of the other characters named Chris and John in which Chris, a small cantankerous little orange square who is constantly moaning and not a great jumper.
And, John is a long, tall yellow rectangle who is capable of reaching lofty heights with one jump

At this point, you can also use them to assist you to reach a higher platform.
Stacking can work any which way with these blocks, so be creative, and eventually the solution will present itself.

Occasionally, the best way to get around a level is to go through it a few times and see where the hazards are.
So keep practicing to find special trophies scattered throughout the game
Sometimes they appear out of reach, but when you get a chance, take a good look around a level while finding a side route that will take you right to it.

In addition, the point is to keep trying in order to get the trophy the first time around, and yo have to take a look at your surroundings to see another route for those trophies.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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