Three Stars Medal Score Cheats in Fragger 2 iOS

In Fragger 2 game, you will get to complete your missions by using your trusty hand grenades to solve puzzles and destroy the enemy.
Also, you must try to conquer 3 worlds with a total of 90 levels each with new gameplay elements and increasingly engaging puzzles.

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Here, all you will do is to toss grenades at goofy enemies while glued to the same spot, navigating environmental obstacles to solve each puzzle in three worlds with their own motifs and color schemes namely The Countryside, Forest Ruins, and Lab, with 30 levels each.
The first 20 or so levels serve mostly as a retread/tutorial of familiar rules and functions.
Once doing this, you will get a three star rating system, and a medal if you manage a perfect score.

The puzzles are the main point here as you will have to figure out which things to blow up first.
Wooden planks, exploding crates, rocket boxes and other obstacles will change the landscape as you go, blocking some targets and revealing others.
Blowing certain things up early will cause a stone wall to block an enemy, or a metal box to fall in the way of your grenade’s path.

When performing your actions, you have a limited number of throws to complete each level within.
But you can abort a grenade if it falls somewhere out of sequence, to prevent it from exploding something unnecessary.

Added to exploding and rocketing boxes littered about each level are gravity switching boxes.
Anyway, these will make your grenades, loose environment objects, and even enemies fly up, down, left or right, possibly even off the map entirely.

In the Lab levels, you will see lasers on the map to destroy anything, but also act as obstacles to your grenades.
Laser switches will be in red, green, or both, to signify whether the switch has a single on and off use.

Also, try to spin your throwing arc around in full circles.
And, try to play with two fingers on the screen at times to not waste any grenades by accidentally letting go of the screen while trying to reorient your hands.
So try to accomplish each level successfully to get three star or even medals in this game

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