How to Get Power ups Scores in Tilt to Live 2 Redonkulous iPhone

In tilt to live 2 redonkulous game, all you will do is to guide arrow character and gather up power ups to rack up the score

tilt to live 2 rudonkulous tips

Here, you will also steep your ship away from clusters of enemies, while detonating destructive power-ups that clear the screen of danger along the game.

In accordance with this, you must try to keep your arrow from touching plagues of red dots that will hunt you to the ends of the earth in various patterns and formations.

During the game, you will be helped by the form of randomized floating power-ups, from detonating nukes to outfitting your arrow with a disguise that sends colliding dots pushing off of you.
At this point, you will have to struggle getting achievements in order to unlock more new power-ups.

Whilst going through malevolent dot clusters, you will also collect as many power-ups as possible because both to keep your combo meter up and to create a hail of real-time chaos as homing machineguns, missiles, maces, and even asteroids fill the screen with screaming activity.
And you can skim dots pretty closely so that you can see the gap then take it easily.

In the way of fighting against enemies, just keep your ship moving around the screen in a circular fashion, with the enemies clustering nearby to you whereby it can make explosions that will take out more enemies as well as picking up power-ups along the way.

When trying to hit the bullseye of the post-game target, you must simply focus on off-setting the rapid movement of your ship with some equally fast tilting and slowly then guide the ship in the direction of the bullseye.

Your ship slows down when you will come to get closer whereby you have to increase the degree of your tilting to get into the center.

To get your job done much easier, you can use an awesome “lightsaber” power-up to slice cleanly through any enemies along the way.

Furthermore, you have to look at the structure of the mini-bosses, and see and focus on a weak spot then go straight into these weak areas to do a little damage to any special enemies.

Note that certain power-ups cycle between effects, so make sure your strategic approach to the enemies nearby is not based on any particular power

In this game, the value of enemy dots increases as you kill them overall, so it will give you opportunity to achieve a high score.

According to this, you must make sure to do everything so that you can obliterate the early stages as quickly as possible.

In addition, performing certain aerobatic maneuvers on the screen will give you a temporary bonus
For such reasons, try to keep those tricks coming in a chain and try skirting the edge of the walls for five seconds in order to get the wall riding bonus as well.

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