How to Get High Score in Tiny Frog for iPhone

In tiny frog game, you merely guide frog to get through a series of lily pads, while trying to reach as many as you can within 15 seconds.
In line with this, you simply tap the center of the lily pad, as the location of one tap determines where your frog will land next.

tiny frog guides

At this point, you will struggle to land rightly on the lily pads whereby if you land outside of the lily pad’s general range the game will be over.
Because of this, keep practicing run through lily pads with the goal of becoming faster.

Throughout the game, you can see what lily pads are coming up next as you continue the run along the game.
For such reasons, try using both hands on your phone while coordinating which one will guide the frog to its next lily pad.

To get precision when landing, keep an eye on lily pads connected together in the same column.
In accordance with this line, you can usually tap the same area twice so you can make the frog continue on its way without meeting a watery demise.

Meanwhile, when it comes to timing the frog’s jumps onto lily pads, remain around the center of the screen, divided across four rows.
Doing so will help position your hands in one spot, rather than darting all over the screen to set up your next move.
In addition, you merely keep tapping the center of these with your landings, so you will have a safe way to the one coming next.

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