Full Chapters Stars Cheats Tiny Thief for iPhone

Here, you will take a control of the titular tiny thief to use cunning and guile to pinch a specific object through a series of puzzle filled levels, picking up goodies along the way to boost your score, while hiding from the guards then get out at the right moment.

tiny thief guides

Meanwhile, you can also nab other items, and find your stoat pal so that you will earn more stars by doing those stuff.
Thus, try to get 3 stars on any stage in the game that is started with chapter one to another
Chapter 1 is A Rumbling Stomach
Chapter 2 is A Corrupt Sheriff
Chapter 3 is The Cursed Treasure
In addition, you might require something as simple as untying a rope to drop a scaffolding in order to get a palace guard out of the way.

You have to move on each level while searching for some other hidden item that changes from stage to stage to reach the three-star ratings.
Moreover, chasing all three stars in a given level will give you a reward as well.
You have to position yourself next to the item first, then tap on a contextual icon that appears rather than simply tapping directly on the item to both move and use it when it is in range.

Get your character to move around the screen, by tapping anywhere to travel to next.
When coming to an object that can be picked up or manipulated, certain objects will pop up with an icon to tap for having that object.

This object might be a barrel to hide in for when the guards come your way, or a rope to untie, or a pie to bake, or any thing you can do for the mission.
After the training levels, each stage will have three items to steal or find in that you will be granted with a star apiece

There will be three mission objectives to collect in each stage, one of which is always a tappable, scampish, ferret-like creature who pops up from his hiding place from time to time.
On the other side, you will also be tasked with collecting some specific items including food and valuables before going to the exit point.

Each chapter will bring its own story, and a level represents a puzzle with its own unique objectives to complete.
Tap on interesting background details to yield up a treasure.
Always take your time and observe enemy patrols before coming out of hiding then catch some breakable items.

And the main object needed to complete the stage, your ferret hiding around the scenery can be collected when he appears with a tap
Try to do an experiment with your surroundings to figure out not only how to nab, but what you are nabbing while also finding an optional secret item or more items

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