Tips to Earn High Score Points in Fist of Fury iPhone

Fist of Fury from Happymagenta is a game about balance, and pounding as many of your rivals as possible that you can play on iOS and Android phones.

Fist of Fury high score ios android

In this game, you take a role as the master where you get a guest that is unlimited ninjas having a go at you from each and every course, and your objective is to take out the greatest number of them as you can.

They begin off taking a swing at you reasonably gradually, yet as the round proceeds onward they get an entire heck of a considerable measure snappier.
Utilize two hands rather than one when you are playing this game to accelerate how quick you can punch.

The game will read all swipes, notwithstanding when a finger is as of now on the screen, making it simple to twofold swipe and take out everybody.
There is no money in this game so you don’t need to stress over buying any characters.

Rather, to gain characters, you can either get a sufficiently high score in one round, or get a sufficiently high total score.

Your aggregate score must be far higher than your single round score, obviously, yet you’ll inevitably have the capacity to open everyone.

In the event that you need to dispose of the ads without needing to spend any cash, set the telephone into standalone mode, or kill the information and the WiFi keeping in mind the end goal to kill the ads.

For the most part this is not suggested for independent engineers however, as the ads are the way they profit, yet its your call in respect to what you need to do with the ads.

Different updates that you can buy in the IAP store incorporate disposing of the ads without killing the greater part of the usefulness of your telephone or transforming it into an iPod.

The best arrangement is burning through 4 dollars to evacuate all ads and open the majority of the legends.
You can burn through three dollars to open all saints or two dollars to uproot the majority of the ads.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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