Tips to Get 3 Stars Cheats in Brickies iOS

Brickies is another turn on the excellent breakout recipe sticking 100 levels to finish
Along the game, you merely bounce and break your approach and use various insane marvelous power ups for victory and three stars.

Brickies Endless Mode walkthrough iphone android

You are compensated a few points toward the end of every level contingent upon how quick you finished it.
By and large, getting a hotshot reward is needed keeping in mind the end goal to hit the 3 star imprint for the level, so attempt to go as quick as possible!

Your score multiplier begins at 1.0 and every time the ball hits a brickie, the multiplier increments by 0.1, and you can have a most extreme multiplier of 2.0. The length of you keep it ricocheting, your score multiplier will stay at 2.0 and you’ll rack in the points.

In any case, in the event that you miss simply even one bounce, the ball will turn red and your multiplier will reset back to 1.0, in that when the ball is red it can’t break brickies even on full impact, and it can’t gather any power ups

As you advance through the game, you will open new power ups for you attempt.
They will arbitrarily produce amid game play, and when you see one, attempt to get it at the earliest opportunity.

The dangerous and multi-ball power ups are awesome for clearing a ton of brickies.
Remember that the additional balls multi-ball makes don’t have to be bounced by you

Simply concentrate on the principle ball and the additional balls will bounce around by and by.
You can even have multiple power ups dynamic without a moment’s delay, so snatch all of them!

Knowing how to control your ball’s direction is critical to winning the levels in a quick and exact way, and you need the ball to go straight, attempt to hit the ball with the center of the oar.

Also, you need to point the ball left or right, hit the ball with the separate side of the oar.
It’s a touch dubious yet once you get down oar control you have the capacity to direct the ball precisely where you need it.

Then again, you can likewise utilize the finger power up, which gives you a chance to direct the ball wherever you need!
Some particular levels are much simpler to finish in the event that you figure out how to get certain power ups.

At this point, levels that have firmly pressed multi-hit brickies can be powered through if the game brings forth a sawblade power up, which gives your ball a penetrating property.
And, if you don’t get 3 stars on the level, just restart the game and use power ups that will guide you there

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