How to Collect More Tokens in Icon Pop Brand Levels Solutions iPhone

In icon pop brand game, you simply guess and figure out more than 200 handcrafted icons in which you will never see before every logo in original details including corporations, organizations, product designers, brand makers, advertising agencies, and manufacturers.

Icon Pop Brand Levels

Guessing each icon for the right answer will earn you tokens to unlock new level in this game
You will be given about five different power ups to get back on every stage with spending tokens earned from correct the right guess.
So use your knowledge of solving every logo in this game with many ways

Simply pick up some general knowledge by using “Hint”, remove incorrect letters with “Eliminate Keys”, or use the “Open Letters” to figure out the right word

You can “Ask a Friend” on Facebook or Twitter, or “Reveal” the answer with accumulated tokens as your weapon.
So get it started to figure out every logo from one level to the next

Icon Pop Brand Answers Level 1 of Page 1-16
Michelin | MCdonalds | Pringles | Adidas
Dominos Pizza | Nickelodeon | Red Bull | Coca-COla
Louis Vuitton | Lego | Heinz | Chupa Chups
M&MS | Singapore Airlines | Mini | Target

Icon Pop Brand Level 2 of 1st Page 1-16
Pepsi | Levis | Nike | Lucky Strike
Swatch | Campbells | Cheetos | Crayola
Pixar | 7-Evelen | Kodak | Stabilo
Nutella | The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf | Puma | Axe

Icon Pop Brand Level 2 of 2nd Page 17-32
Doritos | Crocs | Jaguar | Post -it
Zippo | Dove | Johnnie Walker | Monster Energy
Nokia 5110 | Duracell | Skippy | Quaker Oats
Pampers | VolkSwagen Type 2 | Vicks Vaporub | Fifa World Club

Icon Pop Brand Level 2 of 3rd Page 33-48
American Express | BudWeiser | Nescafe | Ring Pop
CadBury | Kit Kat | Snickers | Kinder Surprise
NFl | Warner Bros | Toms | Harler Davidson
British Airways | Qantas | USB | Dolby

Icon Pop Brand Level 3 of 1st Page 1-16
OREO | Gatorade | SluRpee | Lays
Converse | Visa | DoubleMint | Reeses
Taco Bell | Burger King | Heineken | Carlsbero
Faber-Castell | Steadtler | IKEA | Walmart

Icon Pop Brand Level 3 of 2nd Page 17-32
Baskin RObbins | Ben & Jerrys | Haagen Dazs | Blizzard
Havianas | Hush Puppies | Skullcandy | Salvatore Ferragamo
Smart | BMW | Mercedes Benz | Rolls ROyce
Rexona | Sunsilk | Unilever | Opi

Icon Pop Brand Level 3 of 3rd Page 33-48
National Geographic | Play-Doh | MontBlanc | Ray Ban
Air Force One | UPS | Vans | Minolta
Pocari Sweat | Wendys | Twix | Knorr
Metro Goldwyn Mayer | NBC | Grammy Award Academy Awards

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