How to Get Tomatoes and Gain High Score in Turbo Racing League on iPhone

In turbo racing league game, you must get some tomatoes during the race
Here, you will control of a speedy snail to perform a drift and few cool stunts across the miniature tracks while collecting bonus tomatoes that is the main currency of this game.

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Once having enough tomatoes, you can purchase gear upgrade and boosters to get your snail run faster along the track
Meanwhile, you are allowed to customize your racer with advanced gear and upgrade your performance to compete against your friends and rank top on the leaderboards to lead you win a million dollar cash for the prizes brought to you by Verizon.

In this animated flick about a racing snail, you will get involved in a fast paced arcade style kart racer with a nitrous oxide spill that gives Tito turbo speed to set out to make his dream come true.

For such reason, you must show your skills of drifting and hitting turbo pads spread along the track.
Moreover, you will take 9 unique race tracks as real-life mini locations including in a kitchen table or a garage, that will test your skills
And you can trick Turbo out with spoilers for his shell that give him improved attributes while having a race in multiple game modes.

So once getting enough tomatoes, just upgrade the abilities of your snail and customize it with new spoilers as well
During the play, you will have to try making high score and show your rank on top of leaderboard then enter the competition to win a $1,000,000 challenge with weekly special races up until the movie release on July 17th.

All you have to do is to race, drift, slide and jump your way to complete daily goals during 8 weeks in order to have a chance of earning cash prizes from a pool of $500,000 and a trip to Los Angeles to compete for $500,000 in total cash prizes in the Live Grand Finale Race Event

Furthermore, those winners in each weekly race and 10 fastest racers in 8 weeks will be qualified to take a role in the competition for grand cash prizes.

Just go to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride through special race events such as Time Trials, Limited Fuel, Slalom and Rival Races

On the other side, you can have a different look for the racer on the race with thousands of performance and design combinations, like shell upgrades, new paint jobs and neon glows

To win each race, you must do everything perfectly to hit every boost at the right time, perform perfect slides, do hugged corners but do not hit walls or mess up a trick during the race.

Try also to perform a good drift to keep the speed so that you will not lose speed when going around turns and such.
Once getting score, you merely show your rank amongst your friends and all the top players around the globe online

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