Totem Parts Runes Cheats Tribe Survival iPhone

In tribe survival game, your main goal is to gather up more totem parts to unlock sacred runes through quests
You can also customize the totem in various ways to guide luck in the player’s direction.

tribe survival walkthrough

So as being a tribe leader, you have to show who can be the strongest by collecting totem parts, completing quests, unlocking sacred runes and beating the Gods.

Whether it’s with a stats-boosting level increase or a new weapon that opens up more places to explore, games should let players know that they are in fact making progress.

Quests are like stats goals either to improve speed by 300 points or to train defense on low intensity.
And fighting against bosses and other players online will be the main quest to struggle for having more totem parts

You can improve different attributes through dice roll-powered or training mode in order to train your character to improve attack, defense, speed and magic.

To begin the battle, you just select and throw a dice chosen from low, medium, high and ultra.
If you get a higher number you will attack your opponent first but if you get a lower number they will attack

In Ultra dice, it takes the most energy resources which will direct you to a screen displaying four rows of dices with every row consisting of six separate dices.
In addition the aim is just to match as many to the above dices as you can

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