Cash Cheats TourStar on iPhone

TourStar is a real life music simulation game where you will be able to start your music career.
During the game, you will make albums, schedule tours, build a fan base, and more action then you have to try to make it big.

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There is a big emphasis on decision making, reflective of real life music stars in which you will record a full album or do a single
Then you can also sign a contract with a big, well-known studio or keep it small and independent like indie label
Hiring a manager is a must as all of your activities will be managed well

At the beginning of the game, you will have an access to the level 1-2 tour offers.
So you have to try to keep getting gigs and earn money

Early on, you can start with the small ones, then work your way up, all the way to the Local Mall Appearance.
Doing so will earn you a good amount of fame and cash, assuming none of the bad random events happen, and after a little while you will gain enough experience to hit level 2.

When you go off on a tour, you will be given several options preceding the actual concert.
Chill Out gives you different ways to increase your fame and energy.

Warm Up and Tune Gear are two mini games that give you a bonus to the show you are playing
And when you pick the two mini game options, you will have to wager some energy.

For Warm Up, you have to tap and hold until the meter reaches the line on the right side.
For Tune Gear, two meters will rise and lower constantly and you have to slide the switches to match them.
SO you can try them both and whichever one is easier for you, and make sure to pick that one when you are going for a big fame bonus

When unlocking Band slots as your first start, you can begin with the cheapest members
Once hiring new band members, you will see that they have three stats to them

All of these will be related to their signing fee, which is their initial cost, their week salary, which is how much money you lose per week with them, and their level requirement which you need to meet to hire them in the first place.

To start out, you should hire the very first member you see, because they all have +5% cash and a 100-250$ salary range.
They have no fame bonuses, but when you are first starting out, fame is not really that much of a priority.
Therefore, try to get a lot of money to upgrade and buy the better things.

When recording albums, remember not to pick the same options multiple times
Freshness is very important when you will be creating albums.

If you choose the same genres or lengths over and over again, they will lose their appeal quickly and your albums will not make any money.
For such reasons, try to change it up every time you make a new album to keep your fans happy and the sales steady.

In the way of making album, you should hire the right people for the job on it
When you get to the last step of recording an album, you must select a producer for it.
Each producer has a little description box that hints at what they are good at.

So be sure you read them to know who goes with what
As for description, if you pick R & B as your genre, you would want to pick “Carl Shalimar,” as he is described as a former R & B singer.
Note that your albums will be your main sources of income then make sure one of them get on the success sale

In addition, having some cool effects such as light shows and fog machines for your shows will be your passive bonuses and it will also increase your show performance as they give great fame and cash bonuses, usually around 20%, in which all you will have to do is to pay the purchasing fee, then you are free to use them however you like.

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