How to Get Magic Unlock in Toy Balls for iPhone

When playing toy balls hd game, just focus on the same color in order to get 4 stars in each level
Here, you can create shorter lines, so that you will have to try take out a color first in order to allow the other colors create much longer lines for the longer run.

toy balls tips

Therefore, stay alert of the level and see which color that you will give you a benefit if you removed some balls in the long run.
Meanwhile, focusing on the same color, you will also have to be quick on your moves whereby waiting out too long for longer lines will give a result in the balls hitting the lasers
For such reasons, the game will end up too early, and you will not get the chance to reach the top score int each level.

So the key is to be quick, especially when you get new balls falling and you can catch them before those balls bounce away
The rule to play this game is to eliminate a color in order to bring similarly colored balls closer
Because of this, your main goal is to create as many as as long lines as possible.
Thus if you make longer line, you will get more points, in which always have this in mind when taking out balls.

This game will provide you special balls called magic balls
In line with this, when using those magic balls that will guide you to continue a line with a ball of a different color, you must only use them towards the end of the level, when you are really sure to get a high score.

Furthermore, there are bigger chances in the next levels for more balls to be on the board, that will also create longer lines.
Anyway, you can deactivate the use of Magic Balls per each level so that you will not need to tap the ball icon in the upper right corner for more often.

In addition, if you want to get higher score, you can replay previous levels time and time again
Sometimes, you will get different balls in each level, so you can rely on previous level that you already know which balls that will appear.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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