Train and Catch Monster Quest on iPhone

In monster quest game, be sure to view and complete quests in order to have the best monsters and upgrades available.

Monster Quest Cheats

Try to capture the monsters that you defeat in battle in order to get better ones then double tap on the monsters that you have defeated.

Try to utilize monsters ability with skill points to make your character much stronger.
Always make sure to evaluate each of the different skills before spending them then pick those that are suitable with your preference.

After spending those skill points, you will be ready to try defeating rival monster trainers with having the same tactics as you, so you have to be on top of your game to take them on

When traveling to your settlement for the first time, you will see the Manor first thing in that it harvests gold for you to collect and use.

Remember that a building shows a coin icon above all you have to do is just tap on it to receive the gold.

Try to have more buildings in order to keep the settlement going in which each will have their own purpose.

Just enter your Friend IDs so that they can help you out in battle by providing you some extra bonuses.
Try to have a fighting against other players in order to get Honor points.
Just go to their settlement and either attack the creatures that are walking around, or invade the buildings.

Your animals will need different sorts of habitats to thrive in as it also depends on the type of creature.
Higher level creatures will also need habitats with leveled up higher habitats.
Always try to upgrade your habitats

If you want to have more creatures under your control, you will also need to own more silos.
Always make sure to not just capture creatures you cannot maintain.

Just repair buildings by tapping on them.
After you are back up and running just consider investing in more defensive stats and buildings.

Just wait for your energy to refill.
Try to spend the time planning your creature fusions, as well as your next grand expansion

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