Pearl Coins Cheats Tribal Rivals on iPhone

Tribal Rivals is known as فزعة in Arabic, in that it is a new MMO strategy battle game where you will play as a small Bedouin tribe which is under attack by a group of bandits known as the Black Army

Tribal Rivals Tips

In line with this, you have to accomplish the main goal that is to fight back against them and get back peace to your tribe
Furthermore, you will get engaged in wage war against other players and their tribes.

Along the game, water and gold are two main resources in this game.
At the beginning of the game, you should start maximizing your Water Wells and your Treasuries to the upgrade level

Then, you can continue upgrading your Water Jug and your Gold Chest, and building more of them as you upgrade your Diwan.
Meanwhile, having some more gold will allow you to construct more buildings
And, you can use water to train more troops in your tribe.

Pearls are the premium currency of the game and you can use them to speed up construction
Anyway, you can save them up so that you can buy more carpenters, which makes it easy to upgrade your base in a quick time.

In the way of getting these pearls, you will simply clear out bushes, trees, and rocks, whereby you will have a chance of earning pearls from them.
After a while, they will come back, so keep clearing them to gather pearls for more.
On the other side, achievements will earn you free pearls as well.

In order to make a defense, walls are at a premium, so surround your most important resources buildings and the Diwal with walls.
Applying pocket strategy is the one that builds you the toughest base for further
Here, you will be able to make a pocket for each building using walls
Later on, every building in your base is surrounded by a honeycomb of walls.
To get it full protected, you should place your buildings close together and your defenses within range of as many buildings as possible.

Again, to defend your village, you must train your fiercely loyal troops including mercenaries, archers, falconers, camels, and many more
At this point, Mercenaries, archers, Saluki and giants are the cornerstone of your attack.
So it is your duty to train them in equal numbers, and send in the giants first to distract defenses, then the archers to attack from long range.

Next, you can send in the Saluki to raid resources
In the mean time, you should send in the mercenaries for a brute force attack toward incoming enemies.
You can try to apply this strategy to work against all but the most powerful bases.

In addition, as you are playing further into the game, it will be better to change up your strategy.
Riflemen will not have much health but they can do catastrophic damage and you must upgrade your training ground to level 10 as quickly as possible
It is caused by, as a group of raging camels will be able to make short work of literally any base that you come across in this game.

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