How to Increase Star Ratings in City Story Metro Halloweenon iPhone

In city story metro halloween game, always visit and help out your neighbors by tapping on the doorbells of their buildings to get more buses for increasing your rating stars.

City Story Metro Halloween Walkthrough

Follow and use the goals as a guidance of the purchase of your buildings especially in the early levels.
Before purchasing buildings be sure to check and see how big a building is because you will need to expand before you can place another building.

When placing a new building it will need the cost of energy.
Just tap on a social menu and start visiting neighbors if you run out of energy during leveling up.
If you have a lot of neighbors you can earn XP points to level up so that you will get your energy meter refilled back up as a reward.

Always doing the work to have a large number of neighbors in order to leveling up fast and building a huge metropolis.
Get your social rating high by visiting and working on a lot of community members.

Post your Storm8 ID especially for the walls with a high level in the game and have a lot of visitors.
If you post your name on the wall along with “Add me” you will have several invitations waiting for you to accept.

Just simply post your Storm8 ID name not your city’s name instead as people will not invite you to be their neighbor if you place your city’s name on their walls.

Do visiting your neighbors and helping them out daily to earn coins and XP stars as these items will help you purchase more buildings and level up faster to unlock more items for you to purchase.

Only sell back unwanted items for the coins.
Do not take any building off of your city and put it into storage as it will no longer work for you.

Chopping down trees costs energy so make sure you factor this into placing large buildings on a new expansion.
Always place new buildings directly attached to a road in your city in order to be functional.

You can then add neighbors quickly by following these steps
Go to the Social Tab, go to Community, and then go to people’s city names.
Search for a name that does not look like a city, but looks like an online username otherwise.

Go copy that name into the “invite” section and often the name will actually be a storm8 ID.
Try to put your own Storm8 ID into your city ID.
Then go to the community tab then start visiting other people, helping out in their cities and trying to increase your social rating.
The higher you increase it to, the more you appear on other people’s community pages, and the closer to the top.

Save up your coins for new community buildings then build them to increase the amount of maximum population and the amount of coins you can earn
Remember not to build any of the community buildings with the little hammer icon by their pictures in the shop in which it is as an extra parts are required to finish that building, which requires you to ask friends for them or to spend Gems on them
If you already have a bunch of friends who you have already been invited or who have invited you you can build any of the community buildings.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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