How to Get More Gold Moonstone in Trolls VS Vikings for iPhone

Trolls VS Vikings is a new tower defense game comes with a much more Nordic twist on the characters where you will play as Trolls whom the Vikings start attacking them.

trolls vs vikings tips

On the other words, you will have to protect the left hand side of the screen from the invasion stemming from the right hand side.
And you can do this through placing a number of offensive and varied defensive units in the way of the Vikings such as projectile based trolls, firing shots at the invading forces, while others have more going for them.

You can also drag hulking troll to move around and he can withstand plenty of damage while others can breathe fire or drag enemies under the ground to kill them.

Besides, you can have some units in that one enables to cast spells such as hurl a giant rock at enemies or fling a fireball at them.
Meanwhile, you will be offered with movable units, where you can slide up and down the battlefield in limited capacities.

In this game, a good defense is your best offense, whereby you have to make sure that your flow of moonstones is high and put at least four miners to begin with.
So if vikings start coming to attack your base, you can put three miners, then place a few offense trolls, like the Punks and the Busters

Applying this strategy will block Vikings’ movement and then do damage then you can place a fourth miner later and place even more miners if you want to maintain a rapid flow.

Furthermore, you can put other long-range troops such as placing Two-shot at right and in front of the miners, as far away from the vikings’ starting point as possible.

Then place Rocks and Busters fairly close to the right side of the screen in which they can block the vikings and give the long-range trolls a lot of space to work with.
With mushrooms, you can place your blocking trolls right in front of them.

With a strong defense anchored by Busters and Rocks, you should never need to use spells.
At this point, just move your Busters around as needed.

Moreover, you can use the Shy, the hidden troll that pulls a viking down in order to kill a troll fast, but give enough time for the Shy to dig and get ready for action.

In addition, when an entire line of vikings invades one single row, simply place a Drake, the fire-breathing dragon, because he can burn up two squares for a sustained period of time
Thus, he can also make short work of multiple vikings, sometimes 3 or 4 vikings at one time.

Having so much gold will give you an access to buy new trolls as well as other goodies.
However, if you run out of gold or you want to earn gold faster and when you are stuck on a stage, play over and over again older stages that you have already beaten in order to gather more gold.
After earning some gold, you can get and use your spells sparingly.

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