Troops Bonus Cheats in Fantasy Conflict iPhone

In fantasy conflict game, you will start with each stage on a map with a number of castles in which some are neutral that belonged to no one, some of those are yours and some of those belong to the enemy.

Fantasy Conflict

All you have to do is to take all of the enemy castles out.
In the beginning you will have to take the castles nearest to you while waiting for your spells to charge up.

Afterward take them in one shot in order to earn bonus troops for taking them.
If your number of troops is in red it will give a sign that you have more than the maximum for that castle
After looking at this circumstance you can either upgrade it or move your troops to other castles to prepare your next move.

After having got about 3 or 4 castles, you can send all of the troops to one castle, that is next to an enemy castle.
Then cast a spell on the enemy castle and send all of your troops into it.

During taking an enemy castle, typically you will lose only one or two troops, so you have to take the castle next to it as soon as possible, then the next one until you take all of the enemy castles.

You can let the enemy send their troops to the neutral castles to drain their numbers before you move in to defeat them
Do that action if you have neutral castles with a large number of neutral troops in between you and the enemy.

Use also this time to build up your own troops and defenses then to let your spells charge. After their numbers are drained enough, you can attack them in one time.

When having an aerial castle that is be able to send balloons over, you can simply try to cast spells as quickly as possible to drain the enemy castle
Afterward you can send all of your balloons over there then take it all in one shot in order to get the victory of the stage quickly and easily.

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