Gems Coins Energy Cheats Tunnel Town for iPhone

When playing tunnel town game, you must complete the main goal to earn gems cash
Here, you must control of a world full of bunnies because they try to carve out a space of their own.

tunnel town tips

Therefore, you have to do them in favor of creating their homes in new land
On the other word, your duty is to get back a bunch of bunnies who have been unceremoniously stolen from their homelands and transported to Tunnel Town, and to help them carve out a home of their own in their new land.

The dance floor and various crops are two of a number of things that make you wait in the game.
And the sapphire also takes awhile to give you gems.

For such reasons, you can make a quick of doing so by setting the time of your phone device.
Firstly, you simply set the time for few hours ahead in order to skip and to complete a task.

After doing that action, just go back to the game in order to crack your new baby bunny’s egg or collect your gems while collecting the crops that you had been growing as well.

As for notice, in order to change which kind of bunnies you are more likely to get from the dance floor, you can merely change the positions of the bunnies in the dance floor.

And only for a bunny who is level 5 or above that can go to the dance floor and make new bunnies.
So make some experiments according to that circumstances until you find the right combinations.

If your bunnies run their energy out by digging, you will have to restore their energy by feeding them the food that you have grown, which can be done by dragging and dropping the food on top of the bunnies.
Therefore, you will always try to keep a large stash of food in order for your bunnies to stay fed and energetic as long as possible.

The furniture in the store with the little lightning bolt next to them will make your bunny regain energy as it rests on them.
Buy these types of furniture and place them inside the underground homes, then stick the bunnies on them so that they get free energy.

The main point is that to keep feeding your bunnies even when they have all of their energy back, as they will automatically level up every time you give them food regularly.

Making new species is the way to increase the population of your bunnies, so you can mate your bunnies on the dance floor to create new species.
In accordance with this, you will get a chance to raise baby rabbits and to build a workforce of tunneling bunnies.

Meanwhile, the large area of play space will allow you to truly create an underground world with your rabbits to make their home.
Thus, just use grown rabbits to dig tunnels and chambers to build your very own Tunnel Town and decorate your chambers with furniture to comfort them then visit your friend’s burrows to know who is the best

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