How to Get Extra Health Orbs Uncanny X Men Days of Future Past on iPhone

Uncanny X Men Days of Future Past is a kind of hack-and-slash action, where you can play as Wolverine and other X-Men characters then take on a powerful army, which is led by the devastating Sentinels.
In uncanny x men days of future past glitchsoft game, you must explore each area then fight against any villain with some available characters

un canny xmen days of future past guides

Along the game, you will play as one of five X-Men characters such as adamantium-clawed Wolverine; the spry and powerful Shadowcat; the laser-shooting Cyclops; the devastating iron fighter Colossus; and the spiritually sound Scarlet Witch and more characters including Storm, Polaris and Magneto, are expected to appear in the weeks ahead.

Early on, you can start using Wolverine and Colossus, which are the two best characters in the game.
Unlocking Wolverine’s new slash techniques and Colossus’ powerful ground pound attacks will go a long way into clearing the area of enemies.
Moreover, they will also be able to do massive damage against boss enemies, even if they appear to be unbeatable at first.

On the other side, they are also powerful enough to bring characters down quickly, and you can also use them to reach higher ledges as well as the smaller characters.
So just stick to them to help you complete each mission in this game

To control your character’s movements, you will be served with on-screen directional buttons along with jump and attack buttons, which feature swipe techniques for special attacks.
Throughout the game, you have to beat up thugs that stand in your way, while collecting XP and health orbs to avoid succumbing to their attacks.

According to this, you can collect experience points one of three ways – by beating enemies, smashing orbs scattered throughout each stage and by walking into XP stations, usually located in higher points of a stage.
After having enough them, you will be able to look over each character’s abilities and unlock or enhance them by selecting to spend XP on them.

Later on, once filling up on your XP, you can then go to town and use said XP that will give you an access to unlock additional special techniques, which come in handy while facing boss characters, such as the Sentinels.

Both costumes and comic books are the which are usually scattered over the course of each level
Therefore, all you will have to do is to explore the stages.
In the mean time, look for alternate areas in each stage, and go ahead and visit them to access the comic books.

In addition, you will also be able to earn alternate costumes this way, including Wolverine’s classic yellow-and-black duds in that those items will make them just like in their comic book counterparts.

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