Undos Crystal Gems Cheats in Legend of Talisman Pro iPhone

In legend of talisman pro game, you must try to accomplish the main goal that is to create gold treasure by uniting two halves of a gold talisman before the level can be cleared.

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You can match two or more gems of the same color to be disappeared in that you will need those gems to build bridges or staircases that can unite the two talisman pieces.

You have to navigate your way around traps, utilize power-ups cleverly, and ways to make obstacles like sliding concrete blocks help you in your quest to bring the talisman together while solving each puzzle to complete goal as well.

However most puzzle in this game will be solved with careful moves in which you use all the undos that you have through playing the game.

You have to unite the talisman and clear all the gems on a stage then put the talisman back together to make progress to the next stage so that you can get gold medals to unlock new worlds.

Meanwhile accessing a new world requires a lot of gold, so you can count on re-visiting the same levels over and over again until you get the right solution.

Each level in this game combines two aims.
In the first session, you must drag two coins together so that they meet.
Secondly, you must clear all the gems on the screen.

So the two objectives are interlinked together.
Remember that neither gem nor coin can move upwards or through things as they can only move from left to right and across bridges made from the other item.

Furthermore the more aid will come in later stages from special tiles that lift shapes around
For such reason you just teleport them or blow them up for having solutions that can be earned through the completion of a daily challenge.

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