Coins Amps Cheats in Pocket Festival on iPhone

In pocket festival game, you must collect some more coins through ticket sales, shops and festival attractions to make more money

Pocket Festival on iPhone

You can make money autopilot and also get rewards by hiring staff to auto-stock and collect revenue when you are not in-game.
Try to get your music festival decorated well to keep the visitors and V.I.P.s happy.

You have just to listen to your favorite music daily with the in-game Music Player in order to earn FREE Amps in this game

In order to get some Amps items for free you have to make friends and connect with them by visiting other Festivals

Simply start from humble beginnings and grow your festival into the premiere music event!
Do campaign to attract the biggest bands, sell the best merchandise, and get the crowds rocking out so that you will get some items including coins

Try to customize your festival to match your musical tastes with some cool themes such as Rock, Pop, Country and Dance themes or you can create a festival that captures every taste!

You have to unlock and collect more than 40 characterful Bands
So that you can attract superstars from every genre as your festival grows.
You can also throw Mud Bombs at the others Festival if they do a sabotage for your festival first

In order to have a band finish playing more quickly and to complete construction of anything at high speed you can do these following tricks.

Go to your phone’s date and time settings
Set the time an hour or so to finish whatever tasks are pertinent.
After setting the time, go back to the game and finish construction on a building or kick one band off stage and start hiring another one.

After doing so just go back to the time settings and set it back to normal and do the trick over again.
As a result the bands are concerned and when the bands play they earn you fun factor stars to fly up over the crowd

Once your crowd maximizes in size you have to start building as many tents as you can in order to get your crowd to the maximum size that it can be.
You will collect more money for the more people who are in your crowd.

Simply start building more stages as soon as you level up enough for the game to allow you to do so.
By doing so you can hire more than one band at a time, thus doubling the speed at which you can make progress in this game.

Just book the best bands and attract the biggest crowds to grow your festival into the biggest, loudest, most rocking music festival ever in pocket festival game.

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