Coins Medals Cheats in World at Arms on iPhone

In world at arms game, you can collect free coins and medals in world at arms game
You must also complete goal by building your base up from a little base to a big powerful base with plenty of troops and machines

World at Arms

After completing the goal you will earn lots of coins and medals then defeat the KRA that is an army invaded America.
Try to buy a whole bunch of decorations, such as the little tree, then take all of your decorations and surround the Headquarters or any income building with them when it comes time to collect your coins.

Besides you can build decorations around a blank space, and use the edit function to move an income building into it when it comes time to collect.
Try tapping on the tanks and humvees that are driving around, or the fighter jets that are constantly flying over your base to get coins and experience points quickly.

Tapping one of the ground vehicles will earn 1 exp or between 1 and 9 coins.
Tapping one of the jets will earn either 3 experience points or between 10 and 50 coins.

You have to maximize the amount of barracks and vehicle depots that you have got so that your military can be firing on all cylinders at all times.
You have to keep in mind of always having other troops training when you go out to fight in case your troops get killed.

And always not to ever turn on the “quick battle” option when you play the campaign mode because your troops are more likely to get killed this way
It is caused by because you will not be there to tap obstacles and projectiles and to unleash special attacks.

Try to tap on the trophy and then hit the invite button if you want to add friends without using Facebook or Gameloft Live.
Once you hit the invite button, a whole list of players will pop up around the world map after a few seconds.
Now you are freely to invite them to be your allies to help you in the battle as your back up so that you and your allies can beat the bosses

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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