Cubic Skills Cheats in Elgard on iPhone

In elgard game, you can interact with other players in the village and create party with other players to enjoy multi-play on the field.

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With highly precise control each player will move 16 directions with various angles of movement and natural motion during fight.
So just control and meet cutey characters and enjoy speedy journey on Elgard game.

Join 6 classes with specialized skills in elgard game As a player you can select one class among other ones including Knight, Swordsman, Gunner, Sorcerers, Mentalist, and Assassin in which each class has special sub-action.

You have to focus on not only increasing attack power alone, but also learning various skills including buff skills or debuff skills as these will be useful during party play.

Try to enhance the main skill ability through the talents or the sub-skills to get these skills stronger.
Try to have a solid team up to 4 players in multi-play in order to achieve the goal easily.

Just enjoy dynamic fights with splendid and vigorous skills on party play together with your team.
Try to clear each field and monsters quickly to get the higher rank and the more experience stats fast.
Try to beat Key Monsters who are a very strong boss on each field with extreme focusing and achievement you have got early in this game

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