Unlimited Lives Cheats in Capitals Free Word Battle iOS

Capitals developed by NimbleBit is a turn-based multiplayer word game.
This simple strategy game tries to deliver a fun and worthwhile on the genre.

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Here, you will form words from tiles on a hex grid, with each tile you play being replaced by another tile.
Then, any tiles you play connected to your color of tile are added to your tiles
And, if you can capture the enemy capital, you will get an extra turn to wipe out all the enemy territory, and you win the match

The main goal in this game is to protect your capital by not leaving any tiles around it vulnerable.
The main point is that to go advance on your capital to get more territory in your back to back blows
But, do not leave yourself open, or a smart opponent will pounce on it.

Anyway, this game is all about positioning, a four-letter word may beat an eight-letter word.
And, Q, J, and X tiles serve as barriers as well as impediments.
That X tiles might block off an opponent’s best path to you, or keeping you from making a valiant assault.

On the other side, you will be provided with a set of 3 lives, and one life is used whenever you start a game.
Now, these lives recharge one every hour, with a maximum of three.
If you run out of lives, you will not start another game until you get a life back.
To get these lives, you can pay $0.99 to refill your lives, $4.99 to increase the lives cap, and $24.99 for unlimited lives.

In addition, playing this game will be a satisfying one where this game is like the blend between strategic, hex-grid real game tactics and word game mechanics.

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