Power Cores Bucks Cheats in Ghostbusters on iPhone

In ghostbusters game, bucks and power cores are the main currencies in this game that you can get them for free through some levels
Here, you have to grind on the same levels over and over again for getting more bucks per victory.

ghostbusters tips ipad

By doing so will cost 20 energy, but it will be worth it for what you get.
You can also play a hard stage to earn 1,500 bucks for each winning

Meanwhile a medium stage will give you 900 bucks
On the other side an easy stage will earn you 600 bucks.
Thus try to do the hardest stages that you can beat at the time.

You have to complete the quests given to you by accessing the icon in the upper left corner of the main city screen.
By doing so will involve catching a certain number of a specific type of ghost or unlocking access to the next floor of the tower, or defeating the boss level on the next floor.
Try to defeat the boss level in order to have a chance of winning a massive amount of bucks.

After having more bucks now you have to struggle to get as many slime as soon as possible in order to unlock the boss level as quickly as possible.
You can buy power cores through the app store by going to the store and go to the section where you purchase more resources.

Afterward you can purchase anywhere between a buck worth and 99 dollars worth of power cores.
You can also buy team boosts that can earn you 25 percent more cash per bust.

Tap one of your ghostbusters and the icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.
Tap that icon to use the ability then switch ghostbusters and repeat.

You have to wait for them to recharge and use them once.
Only use abilities during each one of your battles.

You have to level up first before having a battle with the boss as it will be the quickest way of beating them and increasing your attack and defense.
In order to get the quickest level you have to play easy stages time and time again as levels are based upon how many busts you do, not on experience points.

When a new wave of ghosts appears on screen, just tap quickly to direct all of your ghostbusters to run away from them and lead them on a chase.
Running away and attacking from far are the best strategy to beat enemies in this game.

And when having a very tough ghost such as the football player, make sure that your ghost busters will not be in the attack area, and try to move them around wisely to avoid the attack for your safety.

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