How to Unlock Cars with Super Cop Power in Smash Cops Heat iPhone

In smash cops heat game, you must play through enough stages and beat of these stages to unlock one more vehicle so that you can rack up the first fifteen stars and get the Cruiser.

Smash Cops Heat Cheats

Afterward go back through all of the old stages with the new vehicle so that you can dominate them and rack up stars quickly.
Try to do a rapid turn and ram the vehicle from the front-side diagonal angle in order to go flying up in the air.

At this time you have to put yourself in the best position so that you can ram them on their way down, and you can end up doing 2 to 3 times the damage this way, by hitting them when they are vulnerable.

As with the previous game, your goal is to smash and ram suspects’ vehicles as well as to accomplish other related missions.
In this game every player has to accomplish speed missions with suspects chasing you.
And you have to get Super Cops as power ups that give you six sections of extreme power, speed and defense strength.
Then get InstaRams as well to let you ram before your ram button is recharged.

When transporting somebody to the station or to the hospital, you have to pull a rapid 180 degree turn and ram them first in order to take away large amounts of their energy, then flip around just as quickly and start heading back in the direction that you were going.

This is to get away from other cars following you and trying to ram you.
By doing so you will end up destroying at least a few of them and getting score higher at the end of the stage.

Spinning around your car in circles will smash their cars, but they will keep coming at you and keep getting smashed so making it easy to arrest them without taking up too much of your time.

You have to wait something like three cars are following you
In this condition you have to use the Super Cop and then spin attack them until they are all arrested.
Super cops are also great for a quick speed up and power up to do massive damage to vehicles such as the Van without having to have an SUV or a powerful car to drive.

In order to grind down a suspect’s energy quickly you have to hit then start turning your car from side to side, grinding the front end of the cop car against their car.
Doing so will finish suspect arrest states far quicker than just trying to ram them, letting them go, and then trying to ram them again.

Note to look out for shortcuts, because usually stages involve simply driving in circles, so you can take back streets and meet the suspects head on in many cases.

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